Neophyte News

According to the word of the day is neophyte. I’ve always liked that word, though rarely use it. At least internally, no one wants to be a novice. Everyone wants to know what they’re doing and that’s the one thing we can’t have without practice. All we can do is try and trust that we’ll figure things out eventually.

I’ve been thinking about this concept a lot lately as there are quite a few things I’m determined to accomplish. New undertakings include singing in a band, opening a business, yoga and meditation. Add to that the new job I’m ahunting for and I’m a busy, busy Bri. When I look through my ever growing to-do lists I get a bit nervous, but never before has every shiny dream been so close to these eager fingertips. And no matter how caught up I might get, the truth is as Donovan says, “you can have everything if you let yourself be.”

In the meantime count me among the other neophytes trying, practicing and occasionally making mistakes.

But never, ever giving up.


you know what i love? comments from awesome people.

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