For Gypsy

I should have known I would love you

Come sauntering down the back stairs

Hair all wild and crazy and perfect

Wearing cute little shoes

Covering cute little feet

You tucked yourself in the corner

Where the light was dim I watched you listening to everything everyone else had to say

Gypsy eyes darting from side to side Like ping pong balls made of pure emerald

And I was trapped in the middle

Where the lights were brighter

And I was intimidated because

You’re just so beautiful

Unreasonably attractive, yet

So frighteningly placid, but

It was my birthday, damn it

And I was going to talk to you

Find out what makes you smile

So I could figure out how

To gather my composure

I made a lap around the room

Exchanged hugs and hellos

With the other ladies and fellows

Who’d come to celebrate my 24

And they were cool

They didn’t even know me

They just came to party

But always my goal was you

When I finally got there

You made eyes like you weren’t sure who I was talking to

As if you couldn’t understand why it would be you

Said you were shy

And for the life of me I can’t figure out why

Because a second later you smiled

And the whole world was fine

The whole world sighed for you

Told me about your dreams

Which fit hand in hand with mine

It’s only now that I realize

I’ve waited such a long, long time

You’ve had friends that complimented you

With the backs of their hands

That didn’t really mean it

That never really loved you more

That might’ve said the very opposite thing from the truth about you

To someone else

Because they thought you’d never hear it

But you did

And I just want to hang out with you so long

That you would forget ever being unappreciated

I wish all those memories would wash away

And I wanted to shout right there

And every single day since then


I have found a diamond

See how she shines

She’s the cutest thing that ever happened

She’s got Gypsy eyes

I want to be greedy

And insist that you are MY friend

And your attention can be borrowed

But must be returned

Because I haven’t learned enough from you yet

I will never forget

The look on your face

When you said no one had ever written a song for you

So I wrote a song

Then I wrote two more

You haven’t heard them

Because they weren’t good enough

Crumpled up papers littering the floor

And I just love you more

Every time I see you

Text you

Message you

Post on your wall

If I had a radio show I’d talk about it there, too

But for now the pages of this notebook

The walls of this room simply must do

Yes, you

 I should have known I would love you

The best

Most well dressed








Open-minded birthday present I’ve ever gotten

I thank you

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