You Down With OPC?




Yeah, you know me!

Sort of.

And by OPC I mean other peoples’ community. More specifically I mean a community organization such as, say, ROCKiT Space over on Beacon Hill. Its an open space where you can go, take your kid (inner or outer) and learn something new. They’ve got all sorts of classes like Spanish and screen printing. They’ve got every kind of construction paper. The shelves are filled with all sorts of oddities just waiting to come together, to make something of themselves. There’s a garden in the back with comfy chairs. There’s a piano in the front room, guitars and amps in the basement. They’ve got this killer open mic, too. There’s usually something yummy in the kitchen, even.

Doesn’t this place sound like exactly where you want to be? I know! Me too!

Sadly, though, it’s closing its doors forever as ROCKiT’s founder, the talented, wholehearted and enthusiastic Jessie McKenna, has reached her financial wits end. There is shimmering hope that someone or someones with a similar vision of OPC might take over, so its no done deal, but who? I just don’t have that kind of money. You know the folding kind? Yeah, that’s the kind I don’t have. But, really, that’s no excuse. Because at least for a while there I had time to offer yet, ever the kitten, I got distracted by life’s-little-this and looking-for-a-job-that.

You don’t usually hear a lot of ifs (you know, dreamer crack) coming from Sunshine Press but:

If you can swing it, go long. If you (or someone you know) have the heart and means to handle an undertaking such as the most riteous of community spaces please contact Jessie, like, right nowishly. If you do, you’ll provide lamesters like me another chance to help support something beautiful that we all contribute to and benefit from.

So, who’s down with OPC?



Betty Jean is down with OPC! ROCKiT Space is still open and now accepting volunteers to keep it going. Wanna get involved? Please contact Betty Jean Williamson at I’ll be sending her an email soon’s I get outta work to find out when I can help and you should, too.


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