Its Raining Resolution

Happy Seattle New Year!

Needly New Year

What is it about the coming of the new year that makes people want to resolve to be different, to be better? Do the barren trees so permeate our reality? Is that why we instinctively take this time to strip away, to wash and mend, to clean house? Of course New Year’s resolutions have lost a great deal of credibility over the years. January 3rd, gyms are packed to the gills. April 16th, it’s a wasteland. But, hey, at least people change for a bit. At least they get to see the other side of what if.

I can’t say I’ve ever failed myself at a resolution but I don’t really set my sights too high, either. I reckoned pretty early on that seasons change and needs change and goals change. Who cares if you don’t make it through the whole year unscathed? Everybody falters. I think New Year’s resolutions are so special because the earth slows down this time of year and it lets our minds catch up with our hearts for at least a few weeks. It is only with this mentality that I could  hope to make it through even a month of a resolution.

 For 2011, I resolve to live loud, which encompasses everything from actually talking louder to singing louder and, more often, to creating a more colorful world for myself. It’ll demand that I spend much less time paralyzed in fear of what might go wrong because no matter what happens I’ll figure something out. I’ll live. Well, I’ll live until I die, at least. But then the mistakes I made won’t really matter because I’ll be dead, so there you go. It’s a two-sided coin, for sure. If I’m going to talk louder I’m going to have to listen harder, too, and be more willing to see not only opposing views, but the ones that are similar but more or less roundabout (those are the ones that get me, really). So if you see me on the street, or anywhere else for that matter, stop and chat. Teach me something new.

I can learn. I will change.

What are you gonna do this year? 


Best of luck to you and yours from me and mine,


2 thoughts on “Its Raining Resolution

  1. 1. Write Creatively every day.
    2. Write in diary every day.
    3. Take a picture of my face naked every day. (No makeup, wigs, or mean-mugging, lol)

    I think those are my resolutions, because I started doing them the first and plan to continue for 365 days straight.

    It’s nice to hear from your end of The States 😀
    Question: How’s the raw veganism up there?

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