Terrible Tuesday

Woke up late, check. Forgot phone, check. Unjust lint roller, check. Spilled coffee on the dog-hair-covered coat, check-check. Inane conversation with newly returned (from maternity leave) boss, checkity-check.

But I suppose today isn’t so bad, really. I’m fine. I watched Charlie Rose interview Jay-Z, which was more entertaining than I imagined. And finally, someone taught white people how to pronounce Tupac once and for all!

Dear Mama

"If it were 2 pack, there would be a k."


Then I checked out some vector and fractal art pages. You know how I love ze arte. Who knew, inspiration is but a Google away? 

Fractal Art

Patterns are everywhere in nature and nature is everywhere in art.


Next there’ll be yoga in the office and that’s always a victory. Perhaps there’s more science in this room than I give the universe credit for. Maybe my phone would’ve distracted me from proper stretching later. I did, after all, remember my yoga mat.

My mat has a flower on it, this one has a cliff. Jealous.


you know what i love? comments from awesome people.

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