Seeing the Sound

My super amazing gonna-be-famous-any-second friend, Todd, and my ever precocious buddy, Jason, will be visiting next week. You may know Todd as lead singer and bassist for Tam Tam the Sandwichman & the Magical Sugar Cookies.

Tam Tam love

Love me some TAM TAM

And, of course, if you live in the Winter Park area and you’re cool, you know Jason.

Jason @ Copper Rocket

This guy!


Even though I’ve lived in Seattle for over a year now, I”m still over the moon for it. Every bus ride over Aurora bridge is its own awe-inspiring adventure, especially when Ranier’s out all purple, bold and majestic. I never get frustrated with the slow-moving  tourists at Pike Place clogging the halls like bad cholesterol. I can’t blame them. Its cool. I love the Space Needle and its needly appendage on top. Sometimes they decorate it with lights for the holidays or rainbow flags for the holigays! You can’t look at that and have a bad day. You just can’t. I am pleasantly surprised when I see people reading the plaques denoting historical events even though it happens every day. People are probably reading right now!

So, what to do, what to do? How do I coordinate this upcoming 5 day adventure? It’ll have to be the perfect combination of parks, museums, shows, clubs, parties, restaurants and coffee shops. Maybe they’ll want to go hiking. Ooh! So far, my must see list is as follows:

Pike Place Market

Space Needle (with needly appendage)

Seattle Art Museum

Gas Works Park

Bauhaus Coffee

Capitol Hill’s gay bar smorgasbord

Pioneer Square’s Underground Tour

International District’s cream puffs

Then, too, we’ll have to have a jam session at the Batcave, and possibly another party at the Burrow. Oh yeah. It’s on. Hit me up with any must see events happening twixt January 20th and 25th.



P.S. Tyler Westcott is one of my new favorite  photographers. Here’s why:

Westcott's Puget Sound

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