Quarter Life Crisis

Happy, happy birthday to me!

If you know your Sunshine, you know I love birthdays (‘specially mine) , presents and surprises. For the past 25 years I’ve been blessed enough to celebrate February 15th for a week or even a month and this year is  no exception. Mama Sunshine sent me a lovely bouquet, cookies, a Literati and my Aunt sent lotions and nail polish and the sweetest argyle sweater ever. Hell yeah, hell yeah! And as for me, I got myself a fire opal ring with hearts on each side of the stone and a sexy skirt from H&M to wear at dinner tonight.

But, really, if I ruled the world birthdays would be individual Mother’s Days. Sure, I was the little swimmer sperm that could, but Mama Sunshine did all the work. She carried me and when I was born with complications, watched me rolled away in a bubble and waited patiently until I could breathe on my own. And that was just the beginning! Nothing makes me more thankful than thinking of Mama’s cookin’, or when she taught me how to grow tomatoes or when she was my girl scout troop leader. Everything I needed and almost all I wanted I had because she loved me.

Alas, I do not rule the world. So I’ll have to celebrate my birthday the way society forces me to–having drinks with my friends and singing karaoke like a maniac.

But, thanks Mama.

❤ Sunshine


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