Under Construction

I suppose it’s been a bit since ol’ Sunshine’s brightened this doorstep. You might expect the same old excuses some been-work-sick-work-busy-work-work-rabble-rabble-wah. And sure, I got some. Working two equally inane, yet entirely different jobs is something unreal. For example, at one of my jobs there’s a biohazard scavenger hunt like used tampons and soiled panties stuffed in a corner while the other job could be performed by an untrained monkey yet instead they have little you, bored, watching a movie that just happens to flash a cartoon penis on the screen the same time some sweaty palm in IT is remotely accessing your computer. Now sweaty palm has to report you and you could lose your little monkeyjob. Stressed?

No. I’m quite well.

Went jogging with my buddy, Smalls, which is big deal for me. I’m not into working out in groups. For me, the fight for fitness is in one’s own mind. It’s personal. Or so I thought. After the jog we sat on faded chairs in the yard and just talked for a while. I was telling Smalls the reasoning behind some of my [jogging] habits since he’s new to the practice. At some point my own point eluded me and I was just babbling and out spills my truth. I don’t like working out with people because of two specific incidents growing up. Each of them was humiliating in their own way, but entirely based on what the adults around me were going through. Not my fault. Somehow putting that together just then made all the excuses I might use as to why I wouldn’t work out with a buddy evaporate. And who knows what I’ll do now. Kayaking in Lake Union en masse? Level 10 hiking trails up Ranier en masse? Sky’s the limit.

And that’s not all. I’ve also recently found a yogurt that I like. It’s a big deal because yogurt, like tea, is one of those things that I wanted to like but just couldn’t at first. And I’m certainly not into foods that say Low Fat on them. Feels too chemical. I’d rather just eat a carrot. I was so hyped on having changed my mentality on working out with friends that I bought Tillamook French Vanilla Bean yogurt completely randomly. It was on sale for 66 cents. Seemed like the right thing to do. Turns out it was. Eat it and see. (Note: not the same as their regular Vanilla Bean which I haven’t tried, definitely French.)

Tillamook Yogurt


5 thoughts on “Under Construction

  1. Thanks for your entertaining, thought-provoking words. I just stumbled into your blog here and couldn’t stop reading when I should be working. You are a fine person. Keep it real.


      • This has been my dosage for several months. After taking my dose, I felt numbness in my legs and arms. This was almost like a rule – after taking the dose, I expected this numbness to start – and it did – every time. It was really terrifying and still is. I know I have to take vitamin D supplements, and I certainly know that I should never skip the doses, but I just hope my condition will be better soon, because these side effects are very unpleasant!

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