Lace Plates and Girl Time Funs

Ack! I begin college in less than a month and have challenged myself to complete all these back-burner projects that’ve been plaguing me this past year. Today is lace plates with the amazing Jeri Mack! Jeri is an expert in all things sweet and stylish. She decorates cakes, fashions jewelry, takes breathtaking photographs (so good you don’t wanna call them pictures), and she’s a first-class hugger. Did I mention she’s gorgeous? She’s gorgeous. (Don’t get too excited. She’s married to Super Plaid’s beat-layer, Jesse.) Oh, and Jeri’s got a blog, too!

We found this idea in the Big-Ass Book of Crafts and decided to make it happen.

Supplies: clean glass plates, spray adhesive, several colors of spray paint as well as a clear coat, a few fat quarters of lace, and undying enthusiasm!


affix your lace with spray adhesive and tuck under. if you're patient you can cut it down

add some spray paint (in a well ventilated area)


remove lace and spray with background color


add several layers of clear coat, then let dry and voila!


even the next morning they were a bit sticky. give em plenty of time to dry

Many thanks to Jeri Mack for company and inspiration, as always.


2 thoughts on “Lace Plates and Girl Time Funs

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