Progress Report

This past couple months have spun me right round, baby. Right round like a record, baby, right round. Round. Round. My first semester of school at Shoreline is in full affect. I’m taking English, Math, Music Theory and Keyboard. So far, I’ve dealt with classmates—the fresh out of high school kind—who don’t write well or communicate in a group setting in English; creepy classmates either copying my paper or cracking me up with their stoner anecdotes, and/or generally freaking me out in Math; and in Music Theory and Keyboard I’ve had teachers who either want five bucks to do their job or teachers who confuse me with “a caucasian woman.” It’s been a little fucked up.

These situations would have enlivened oldSunshine. I would have eagerly stepped up to solve these problems. NewSunshine has too much to do. NewSunshine is too busy seeing the beauty in everything.

I’ve been oohing and ahhing at the trees, singing in the rain and working very, very hard. I feel stronger.

And I can tell I’m learning something because I’m better able to articulate musical ideas, which has effectively made my music better. And today, finally, I had the time to work on a few paintings that had been on my easel for a while. Finally, Christine hangs. This series is almost finished and Super Plaid’s first album is almost finished and then—BOOM! It’s on.


Can’t wait.



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