Meet: Brianna Brumfield

Hi-hey! Oh, hey! Hi.

Today we’re starting a whole new thing. A new-old thing. I’ve had this idea for quite a while, you could say for as long as I’ve had a good buddy I’ve wanted to introduce em to my other friends. Just makes sense. I’m lucky enough to encounter a wide range of ever talented people. They’re visual and digital artists, they sing, they dance, they run businesses and fight political foes. They inspire change on every level from great big benefits down to small, but innovative personal habits. Because that’s how change starts: small.

So to get this party started right, I’m going to introduce myself and the projects I’ve been working on most recently. It’d be weird to ask myself questions so I opened up the floor to the audience my newest works have had. I welcome you to a side of Sunshine you may not have known before and to new friends to collaborate with. After all, we’ve got work to do.


State your name, for the record.

My name is Brianna Estella Brumfield, though I answer to Sunshine at times.

So what’s your art?

I sing and play keyboard for Super Plaid. We make funky-groovy-dance music for people who like such things. And we wear a lot of plaid. I also paint, mostly in acrylic on canvas and rough plywood. The series I’m working on, a Touch of Whimsy, features my first ever mixed media pieces. I got to smash a warped old guitar and a boombox. There’s nothing more fun.

Does Super Plaid have any shows coming up?

At this exact moment, no. We are preparing for the release of Second Spectrum, with it will come plenty of shows, though. So be ready. I’m fucking serious. I can’t wait to share this thing with the world.

What’s so special about Second Spectrum?

It’s the amalgamation of a year or so’s worth of hard work. It’s our honest take on a good time. When I hear it, I simultaneously can’t believe how far we’ve come and how steady and seamless our progression has been. I wanna give it to everyone because everybody needs to chill and groove. At least for a little while.

But you’re also a painter?

Yes! Oh hell yes. I’ve painted for years, actually. Secretly, sort of, but not really. I used to hang out and paint with the B Side Artists in Orlando selling art on the street. Like, straight to the people as they floated by. I didn’t expect the wealth of knowledge and support I’d walked into when I met Al and Swam [of Solillaquists of Sound]. They hit me with a 1-2 punch of advice a confidence and then practice and patience. I learned something new and amazing, like, every five minutes. It’s crazy!

[Looking at Christine] I like the way the shadow of the guitar leads to the strings. Where did Christine come from?

Christine is a sweet girl I met at a sleazy motel in Seattle. She gave me a six string guitar when she moved away and I kept it in my living room. Guitar and I don’t often see eye to eye so I thought it was just me when it sounded funny. My more guitar inclined friends showed me that it was warped and forever unplayable. I put it off as a possible project for months until this past summer when my heart got broken. In a fit of sorrow I smashed the guitar, nicknamed Christine, and carefully kept all its pieces for the day I could express what had happened. The strings fall in a pattern that seems natural, but actually required a bit of doing. I wanted the lines to read like a feminine form and the colors to invite that warm, homey feeling. Her arm, the arm of a record player, draws inward and finds a hole where her heart had been. She’s heartless but she’s beautiful.

What else can we expect from Sunshine?

I’m also a student and I have two jobs, so I’m pretty busy on the day to day, but you can safely expect more art and more music and more hugs. Those are a few of my favorite things.

Well, kiddies, until next week! Prepare yourself for fun cause you never know who you might Meet:


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