Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse

Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse
Just when I thought the erratic snow-hail-snow-soggy-rainy-cold-snow would never
stop, here we are! It’s springtime. There’s a blue sky in puddle and everything. This
year, I’m thinking Tulip Festival, Hemp Fest, Hump Fest. All the fests! And my Big Gay
Mexican is coming to run the Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon! How badass is that?! And camping
at Mill Creek with the Swafford family! So many adventures on the horizon.

Ramping up.

Before we all get sun drunk, spending evenings laying the yard like a slow herd of
kittens, I want to list a few good things that I’m thankful for:

1. Marketime Matt, in the wee hours of the morning of his 35th birthday, got down
on one knee and then two and asked if I would marry him. It almost sounded like
he said merry. From the moment I met him I knew we were on the same
rhythm, but on this I had no idea. Perplexed, I started looking at the carpet,
thinking he’d lost an earring-back or something. It probably took a full 40
seconds before I realized what was even happening. And my eyes just got
wider. And I was smiling like a fool. But I couldn’t speak, which is a rarity for me. Thought it was the
greatest idea in the history of the universe. Mouthed yes. Thought What?
Really?! This perfectly handsome endlessly talented effortlessly patient
musician wants to spend the rest of his life, his awesome-sweet life, with me?
Whispered yes. Woohoo! I win! I’m winning! I’m the winner! Said yes. And then I
asked him if he was sure. And he assured me that he was in that hands-cuppedunder-
cheek-stare-into-your-soul-leadingest-man sort of way. I’d asked him if he
was sure, but I already knew he was. And I am, too. So, we’re going to get
married some fine day in June of 2013 and we’ll have a ball. It will not be a
conventional thing at all. I’m rhyming–sorry. Anyway, I’m thankful that I found a
heart to beat with. To the universe. To everyone.

2. Super Plaid begat Second Spectrum. Our first album of groove-funk-rock-bluesbooty
music is available online. This blows my mind. Can’t wait for the world to
hear it. Shows coming so soon! Oh meh gewd!

3. A break from school. My brain sponge is raw. I definitely did have two of the
greatest professors in the world, though. I’m certain. And one, Professor H,
taught an online class and I still think he’s the best teacher ever. Never met him.
He’s a hero. The other, Junkinsmith, was like poking a genius with a stick and
asking him questions. That man is so brilliant he might actually explode a
symphony. I wasn’t even ready for it, either. I will not let that happen again.

4. Sweet Kiwi. ForeignLauren’s stay in Seattle is more than half over and I’m
already devastated. Demolished. Plowed. She’s amazing. Our Burrow is a
happy place. Even as I miss my Butterfly and Le Missa. ❤ ❤ ❤

5. Digging in the earth is still the best. I planted some baby giant sunflowers and
everyday they get a little closer to fulfilling that giant title. It’s empowering to see.
In fact the only bit that isn’t positively perfect is the fact that I’m just about done with this
wonderful thing they call Spring Break. Back to school this Monday, but my schedule
should be a little less brutal. I shouldn’t have to get up early unless I’m a lazy slacker, in
which case I would deserve it.

And with that extra time, I can plan a wedding! Soon there’ll be a whole separate tab of
Sunshine Press with up-to-date info so I don’t end up being one of those bridezilla
monsters who talk about caterers and colors all the time. Yay!

Coming up next, I got to Meet: Briana! Not me, silly.

Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse

  1. This is the kind of happiness that makes me believe in life. That picture. That’s life, right there. So happy for you both — you, a little sister the likes of which I never ever expected to have but I’m so happy that I do, and Matt, a most Milo-esque character who I have come to adore even though I have never met him. You both make life make sense. Looking forward to reading about your wedding planning journey and the fun that is to come next summer. Oh yes, dear. You definitely win at life. ❤

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