Camera Upgrade

Thanks to a lovely and truly colourful friend, our camera situation has been upgraded! Before I used a Canon PowerShot point-n-shoot dealie bobber and now I’m winking behind a Nikon D70 DSLR camera. This thing is serious. Jessie called it her big girl camera and I’m inclined to agree. There you have it! Seattle transformation complete! You can expect the pictures featured at Sunshine Press to raise in quality effective immediately. Like, right now.

My new camera as photographed by the old. [note the blurry, fuzzy lettering and washed out flash action]


My old camera as photographed by the new. [see? there you can read everything and only what’s important is focused]


I’ve spent the afternoon reading manuals and watching instructional videos. And taking lots of test shots. Here’s a sampling, including my first ever [the gargoyle] which was surprisingly affective. None of these have been adjusted in any other way besides on the camera.

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