How a Quick Project Became a Whole Afternoon

See, really, all I wanted to do was paint these boxes. Honeybee doesn’t remember where he got them, but they look sort of like these only with completely unfinished wood. Whatever, no big deal. I mean, I could tell the wood was thirsty [porous] and would need at least two coats of paint, but here’s what happened after the first coat:


Bleh, right? The orange dried way differently than I expected. And the green was especially disappointing because I’d used this wonderful metallic paint in the mix which looked great up close but from far away it seemed dusty and old. Grudgingly, I traded the orange for black and the mixy metallic for a more legitimate green.


Then I thought they looked a bit plain, so I highlighted one of each color with little white dots and voila!


How did this take all afternoon? Well once I got my pretties back downstairs I just couldn’t bring myself to put them on a dusty shelf. Dusting, bleh, check. Then I thought no, but I could move things around a bit. They don’t have to go exactly where they were. That’s where the trouble began. First it looked like this [minus those boxes]:


Two hours later it looked like this:


Ahh the sweet [painty] smell of progress!


❤ Sunshine


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