Product Photography: My Ghetto Lightbox

Learning about photography sure is awesome when you have a dope camera! I’ve discovered that DSLRs are the key to making Seattleites behave extra sweet like southerners. For real! There’s a giant stereotype that we can be aloof, even gasp standoffish. You’ve heard of this, yes? Well, strap a DSLR on it and boom everyone has an experience to share. I made it down my block and around the corner before the first person asked what I was going to shoot. What’s even more surprising is that I had an answer for that. I was going to shoot one of my favorite views of the Space Needle. [Show you soon!] Around the corner again, and a guy comes up to the bus stop and just basically tells me his life story. The conversation began, sweet camera, I’ve got a D500 at home… On the bus, two stops from home a cool lookin’ fella gets on and beelines toward the seat beside me. His wife is a professional photographer and he plays in a band. What a coincidence! So do I, I say. It’s like friends fall out of the sky when I’ve got this thing on! Dope.

My Needle shot notwithstanding, I actually procured this beast for the purpose of shooting my paintings and products. Very soon I’ll be adding an Etsy shop to everything else going on and I’ll need things to be well photographed so they best sell themselves. Well, easier said than done. Honeybee and I share a dimly lit basement. Eek! So properly lighting anything is gonna be a challenge.

A challenge I gladly accept.

Here’s my first attempt at a lightbox. It’s way smaller than any of my paintings, but I had to start somewhere. I used brown paper [’cause it was free] instead of the customary white. I also couldn’t find my other [appropriate] lamp, so I ended up using Butterfly’s Big Bird lamp propped up on Honeybee’s weight. I decided to shoot my new boots. They’re L.L. Bean [from Value Village for $12, booyah!] and they fit like a dream. There’s also some shots of Ghost Man and the sleeping statue carved by Honeybee himself. Here’s a slideshow of everything so you can see!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love how warm and mostly crisp [give or take an amateur photographer, ha!] they are. My next one will be bigger and better. I’ll even gets some proper lights, but I’ll have to wait until the bathroom construction is done and the studio is set up. Yay! More things to be excited about. 😀

❤ Sunshine

2 thoughts on “Product Photography: My Ghetto Lightbox

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  2. augh, i’ve been playing around with lighting. the best thing ever is outdoors but the light has to be just right, and my new neighborhood is so shady. (never thought i’d complain about that… love big trees but GOODNASS). it’s a real challenge with jewelry! this looks really spot-on. good job 🙂

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