Before and Before-Before

Something like three months ago Landlord decided Honeybee and I should have our own bathroom. [We share a three-story 1920s era house with a couple and a bachelor. Our space includes our bedroom plus the room adjacent which functions as Super Plaid‘s practice space, recording studio, everyone’s washer/dryer, and my art studio. It’s a pretty good-sized room.] Up until then we’d used the bathroom on the main floor right along with  the roommate(s) who lived up there. There’s another restroom on the top floor, exclusively for the couple. So there ended up being three or four of us sharing the restroom. For Honeybee and me, the trip was out the room, up the stairs, through the kitchen and down the hall. Do you know how disappointing it was to get there and find it occupied? Very. Not that it happens often, but you know. I came here to pee. It’s not like I’m gonna go all the way back downstairs without peeing. So, here I am standing around in the hall. Naturally, when we heard the news about this bathroom, which is to include a shower [squee, double squee], we were excited! Honeybee more so than me, I think. He pees a lot. The rent went up a little bit, but the bathroom was coming in a month!

Like I said, that was three months ago. You can’t blame the guy, though, he’s doing us favor, after all. He’s no slumlord, he’s not weird or mean or anything like that. Actually, Landlord is an engineer with a passion for this house, since it used to be his and he lives across the street. He’s doing everything by hand. Magnificently, might I add. Just slowly. So [goddamn] slowly! And the construction has taken over our lounge space [we’d only just finished painting] and my workspace. This means I’ve been typing blogs, drawing, writing essays and graphing linear functions on the bed, my back slowly contorting, rebelling with aches and pains. Horrible can’t-yoga-myself-out-of-it-pains. Over the past two months I’ve basically built up a 500mg tolerance for ibuprofen. Omg. What’s kept me going is as Landlord’s brought in all the accoutrements [toilet, vanity cabinet, subway tiles and the like], I’ve fallen in love. He’s made wonderful choices in light fixtures as well. Ooh! I can’t wait!

Once it’s finished, I’ve decided to revamp the [rest of the] space to make everything as functional as possible. After all, this room is where all our passions come to play. Out with the lounge and in with…something different. I don’t know, we’ll have to see it before we can name it. [Important things to consider include the fact that it’s a basement…that floods when it rains for an entire season…like it does in Seattle.]

Usually when things are finally at the after stage I’m hyped to take a million photos, but not so much in the before, but since this upcoming after begins a new before, I thought it was important to get he before-before and the after-before with the upcoming before-after to follow. Confused? Worry not. Check out these photos!

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I love a project! Stay tooned!




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