Done, Done, Dooooooone!

Lord have mercy. It’s taken how long? Don’t answer that. I don’t want to know because I know it took at least twice as long as we projected, but, finally, the bathroom is complete. Finished.

This is that point in the story where I–if I were a drummer–would drop my sticks. Or if I was Samuel L. Jackson yell, “I SAY GODDAMN!” That’s how badass this moment is. Sometime over the summer our landlord had the idea to build us basement dwellers a bathroom of our own. He’s an engineer by day and home improvement guru come weekend. He drew up beautiful plans and got our input on how things should be. He picked gorgeous subway tiles and a toilet that [according to the box] can effectively flush a gallon of golf balls. We learned quite a bit. Apparently, Honeybee can poo more than a gallon of golf balls. And I, without a proper desk, can amass over 85 hours of math homework and study from the discomfort of my own bed. So there’s that.

Here’s this:

And as I mentioned before, the best part about the completion of this project [besides more convenient pee-ability] is that it begins another. I get to build myself a studio and rejuvenate Super Plaid’s practice space! And I’ll have time to do it now that I’ve finished my finals [fingers crossed on grades, that math was an absolute bitch]!! Yay. Score. Victory for the home team. And the crowd goes wild. In the next month, I’ll need to find a proper desk, chair, room divider, lighting and possibly paint! There’s nothing I love more than a project. Whoo hoo!


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