Decision Day

So let’s see what I’ve accomplished so far from my Winter To Do: 

  • clean smokeware
  • figure drawing session
  • super special Christmas surprise!!!
  • new planner crossover
  • 2013 rough plan
  • wedding considerations (update, pre-measurements, invitations)
  • Studio (floor plan, brainstorm, paint, desk, room divider, set up)
  • work out
  • infinite cuddles
  • read a book purely for pleasure (suggestions?)
  • trip to Walla Walla
  • get camera cleaned, get battery for remote control
  • Meet:Jeri

Moving right along, yes! But today is serious. Today is decision day. I’ve been on every site, I’ve read every inspiring post, I’ve been a design demon-fiend. So much so that that hyphen was absolutely necessary. I’ve drawn up a little floor plan of our space and cut out individual little pieces for each piece of furniture. Peep my teeny lap top table and all!



I haven’t done so for the jam room quite yet, but here’s how our bedroom looks now. 





  • Our bed floats like an island in the middle of the room
  • I have to turn left to see the tv
  • Our hdmi cord is short and prevents our distancing ourselves from the tv, must invest
  • Honeybee’s desk and “Rack Rider” must stay where they are because the cords feed from there directly into the jam space for recording. 

So I moved around all the pieces until I got a combination that fits. Here’s the plan:









  • Get the bed against the wall because I like to sit up and read comfortably.
  • Eventually add one of those fancy headboards (perhaps with storage!) 
  • Use surfaces to hold things and use trunks for seating 
  • Spotlight the “getting ready” zone
  • Acquire giant mirror
  • Move the wall shelf and put the tv on it
  • Add my record player and laserdisc console underneath and voila! 
  • The DVDs aren’t just floating out there, they’ll actually fit perfectly beneath the shelf there. 

This of course leaves out the lap top table, coffee table and possibly the trunks under the printer. The printer itself can go on the shelf on Honeybee’s desk, though, so no loss of functionality there. I think I’ve found enough storage and table space to make up for it. I think.


The one thing I haven’t really mentioned for this project is budget. Why? Because I have next to none. It’s meager. I mean almost as teeny as all these little pieces of graph paper I cut I out before thinking I probably coulda used a computer for this. I look at other design projects that redo a room for $2000 or even $500. Yeah, no. Maybe over time I can work to that, but for the moment I’m a broke college student! Does that mean I don’t deserve fabulousness? No. Right?! Right. I’ll be doing this in waves, project by project until we have our ultimate space [or we move]. 

So, off to Ikea I go. And I’ve got a four day weekend to set it all up. Wish me luck!





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