How to Make Ugly Coasters Pretty

Here’s a quick project ya!

ugly coaster

I found these hideous coasters at work in the free office supply swap section someone put together in an empty cubicle. I’ve been using em, I mean they work just fine but I couldn’t get around their ugliness. Not that they’re so ugly I couldn’t stand it, but why have ugly if you don’t have to?! Right? Right.

You may recall back in the day when I made lace plates. Same principle, but much easier. You don’t need spray adhesive at all, just two colors of spray paint and a patch of lace which you don’t even need to cut down to size. How awesome is that?!

gold brick

purple coaster

add lace



[sorry for the dark pictures. i’ve yet to learn all there is to learn about photography]

I can’t decide which is my favorite. I like how the gold one looks like one of those gold bricks from olden days, but purple. I mean purple. I love purple.

on the coffee table



you know what i love? comments from awesome people.

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