My Match

Two nights ago Honeybee and I are pajama clad and getting into bed. He says, gently, you know, instead of buying the base for your new desk we could build one. We could make shelves and stain it any color you like.

Have you ever experienced this? You’re already where you want, right beside the one you love and then all of a sudden they show and prove why they’re with you in the first place. When he’s perfect like this I kind of get a glossed over eye look [that probably isn’t the most attractive face I could make] and smile like an insane baby.

You’d want to do something like that with me?

Yeah, it would be fun. You start drawing up designs and investigating materials and we’ll get started when we have money.

Awesome fiance is awesome all  day.


So, we’re building a desk instead of getting two of these. Yay! I’ve already got the top, but it still needs sanding and painting…and a wee bit of repair since I found it in the AS IS section with a scuff on one corner.

Moving forward now that basic move-around is all done, I really want to start beautifying some of the pieces we have. [Like staining that gorgeous round antique coffee table or building a headboard for our bed] That way when we eventually flee from our current basement dwelling we’ll have all the key pieces to make some above-ground domicile incredible! Stay tuned for that. Today, from the comfort of my office, I’m pinning some ideas.

you know what i love? comments from awesome people.

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