How to Take Your Own Advice

Initially my weight loss goals were basic. I wanted to be a size medium. Check. Then, my goal shifted to creating an overall workout plan as part of a healthy lifestyle. And that’s it, right? Wrong. As much as I thought I wouldn’t feel inclined to lose weight for our upcoming wedding, I’m totally starting to. I don’t necessarily need to complete my Life List goal of having a four-pack, but I definitely wanna rock some mighty Michelle Obamas.


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I know I have the ability. I know I can muster the discipline. But…um…what did I do last time?! Let’s investigate. Here’s how to take your own advice:

Step one, write a quirky little series in hopes of inspiring others. Pour your wee heart into it!

Step two, read part one, part two, part three and part four.

Step three, get your sexy ass out there in the dreary Seattle drizzle. Jog.

Step four, come home sweaty. Peel off your clothes and booty dance like some sort of rap guy’s girlfriend.

Repeat as necessary.

Happy Hump Day!



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