The Way Sinister Rhymes With Minister

What is it, Tuesday? It feels like Wednesday and Thursday happened already and we’re being forced to repeat them starting tomorrow. Maybe it’s all the drippy rain and the accompanying grey skies. But, hey, it is Seattle outside. I don’t know, but I’ve seen some cray shit on the street this week. There’s a sinister edge the city and smiles have been hard to find. But if you’re lookin’ I got one for ya. They don’t call me Sunshine for nothin’.

Here’s a list of cray shit I’ve seen this week [so far]:

  • Girl falls off skateboard. Skateboard rolls into oncoming traffic. BMW strikes, destroys skateboard. Girl hulks the fuck out. BMW driver only cares about BMW.
  • Human feces.
  • Lady stumbles down the street bouncing off of buildings, barely there.
  • Dirty tampon, separate incident from feces.
  • 5 guys on the corner. 1 is inundated with large garbage bags with holes in them. The other 4 laugh. The 1 guy struggles. The other 4 laugh harder, begin to walk away. The 1 guy drops his load, screams, “come back!” The other 4 laugh harder, walk away faster.

Weird, yes? Yes. I can’t necessarily change where there’s poo or who’s bouncing off of walls, but I’ve got me.  We press on. We try harder. We move faster. And we really should remember to smile.


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