Happy Birthday, Jeli!

This year and for the rest of my humble time on this earth I really want to let the people in my life know how much I love ’em. In previous years I’ve attributed my inability to get my loves good gifts to unemployment, having no time and, more recently, college-student-brokeness. I’m done with that. Because I’m more creative than that, daggummit! I’m dedicated to great gift-giving beginning with the lovely Jelian.

jeli and work

Jeli is one of the most beautiful, thoughtful, and certainly one of the funniest ladies I have the pleasure of calling best friend. I took this photo when we worked together [for what was that, a month?]. I met her at Stardust and I wooed her. I convinced her to be friends with me! Why? Because you can just look at a chick like Jeli and you want to make her smile. You can just feel her immense potential for joy. Especially since at the time she had a friend who didn’t seem to appreciate her. Eff that. Life is too short to waste with people who don’t want to live it.

So I carved a little space in her heart.

jeli hug

[The fuck is going on with my eyebrows?! Bleh!]

We’ve had some amazing times. I could name at least ten things that Jeli’s done that you wouldn’t believe. She’s the sort of being who can take a piece of string and make an adventure. So, here’s to you, beautiful! When I started your painting it was going to be an outer space glimpse at a distant galaxy. I started it and there it sat, unfinished for several months. The next time I approached the canvas there came the dark blue waves. Barely discernible against the black until they’re juxtaposed against the purple. This is a noteworthy relationship these colors have going on. They make each other stronger. Better. The way an amazing friend [Jeli] can improve one’s [my] disposition. And then–across the middle–a mist arose, an amorphous yet specific haze that serves to represent those things that linger on our horizons.  In our future, I see us drinking sweet tea vodkas with big, fabulous sun hats. I also see tan cabana boys dancing for us. And many, many smiles.

Happy Birthday, Jeli!


Sunshine 🔆

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