Happy Birthday to Me

I am 26 27 years old.

By the time I was 25 my birthday celebrations had extended into month-long festivities. What can I say, Mama Sunshine didn’t raise no fool. I work hard and I party hard. Because why do one if you don’t do the other and why not do both if you’re gonna do anything at all?

I want to do everything. I want to learn about drafting and architecture. I want to climb and jump and fly. I want to ask a million questions and bring it all back home and ponder that shit. I want to make order out of chaos.

This time last year I was thinking the same thing only in not so many words. I was still formulating the format for Meet: [the section where I probe people. Heh, probe.] I thought the best way to begin and the only real way to earn the right to interview anyone else was to share myself first. I talked about Super Plaid’s latest recordings and I alluded to paintings that I’d done [although the pictures never came out well enough to share as this was before our camera upgrade]. The post got much more praise than I expected. I didn’t expect any, actually, but people wanted to Meet: people. Even though I was excited Meet: fell by the wayside until I wised up and made it a monthly thing which is working out just swimmingly. I’ve been so very pleased to Meet: Briana, Jeri, and this month’s interview is almost ready. You just wait!

The other thing you might recall about this time last year was that the entire month of February was lacking in posts. There was exactly only one. I wasn’t out partying like a wild woman every night. I mean, I did that, too, but I’d stumbled onto something I never thought I’d find: true, true love. The goopy disgusting kind that is fully aware of its goopy-drippy-smooch-fest-i-ness and was best kept hidden. I didn’t wanna come off arrogantly. I still don’t. But honestly I was so happy that when someone put a cake in front of me, candles all  ablaze, I didn’t know what to wish for. I was sure I had it all. My very next post was to share news of  Honeybee’s proposal. In those days I couldn’t have imagined that life could possibly be better and yet here we are again at better. I love every single day more than the last. And I try my best. And I am appreciated. I am rewarded with love and hugs and well wishes from family, friends and readers.

Thank you ❤

If you were to Meet: me again, I’d have much the same to say. Super Plaid has new music to stimulate your earballs. There are new paintings coming—ones you will be able to see—and upcoming changes at the Press taking shape as we speak. There are many more adventures on the horizon and for all that it’s worth I’m all in. As I squint ahead to see just what those adventures could be, I leave you with pictures of the year of 26 in Bri.






what’s with me and crazy arms?




Love Day <3

And don’t give me any of that Hallmark holiday bullshit. Valentine’s Day as we know it may have been previously misrepresented. You may have been off-put by the weird naked winged baby with the assault weapon. I know I was. Perhaps you’ve been victim of those dry, chalky candies with the little sayings on them? Maybe you dated someone who used Valentine’s day to make up for 364 days of assholery. Listen, that’s not Valentine’s Day’s fault!

Valentine’s as it should be is not a reason to buy stupid cards. It’s not the day that makes or breaks your relationship. If it does, then your relationship wasn’t real. And I’m sorry. Valentine’s Day is an excuse to be creative and offer a little something extra to that person who makes you smile, not lets buy a diamond day. No matter what’s behind that smile, it’s worth celebrating. And I don’t know about you, but I’ll take an opportunity to be creative for my boo.

So this year I made my Honeybee a box card! Here’s the front. See how all the other hearts are tiny and lame and his is ginormous? It’s like that in real life, too. 🙂



Inside he’ll find an award for Best Lover. I found this little guy at the office in the free supplies section. I guess some old employee of the month left him behind. I gave him a coat of gold paint and new, only slightly crooked lettering.


There’s also a playlist I made called Sweet Disposition and Other Reasons I Love You with an accompanying poem.

Tell me you wouldn’t wanna come home to that?

As for my presents, Honeybee wrapped them and I’ve been instructed not to touch them until later. I’m entirely consumed with the desire to rip open their perfect wrapping paper. One little tear. I just wanna see! Ahem. Yeah. Let’s see how this patience thing works out.

Happy Love Day!