Love Day <3

And don’t give me any of that Hallmark holiday bullshit. Valentine’s Day as we know it may have been previously misrepresented. You may have been off-put by the weird naked winged baby with the assault weapon. I know I was. Perhaps you’ve been victim of those dry, chalky candies with the little sayings on them? Maybe you dated someone who used Valentine’s day to make up for 364 days of assholery. Listen, that’s not Valentine’s Day’s fault!

Valentine’s as it should be is not a reason to buy stupid cards. It’s not the day that makes or breaks your relationship. If it does, then your relationship wasn’t real. And I’m sorry. Valentine’s Day is an excuse to be creative and offer a little something extra to that person who makes you smile, not lets buy a diamond day. No matter what’s behind that smile, it’s worth celebrating. And I don’t know about you, but I’ll take an opportunity to be creative for my boo.

So this year I made my Honeybee a box card! Here’s the front. See how all the other hearts are tiny and lame and his is ginormous? It’s like that in real life, too. 🙂



Inside he’ll find an award for Best Lover. I found this little guy at the office in the free supplies section. I guess some old employee of the month left him behind. I gave him a coat of gold paint and new, only slightly crooked lettering.


There’s also a playlist I made called Sweet Disposition and Other Reasons I Love You with an accompanying poem.

Tell me you wouldn’t wanna come home to that?

As for my presents, Honeybee wrapped them and I’ve been instructed not to touch them until later. I’m entirely consumed with the desire to rip open their perfect wrapping paper. One little tear. I just wanna see! Ahem. Yeah. Let’s see how this patience thing works out.

Happy Love Day!



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