Spring [Motha’uckin] Break

You don’t know how I’ve missed you!

I suppose I thought this quarter–the one with the classes all online, would be easy peasy–would be different than all the others. Nope. No matter what. There is a one to two week period every quarter that even the best laid plans must be brushed aside in the frenzy of finals. But the final final is finished, y’all. [Still waiting on grades, but I’m feeling pret-ty dang confident!] It’s spring break. The break of spring.

If I were in Florida right now I’d throw on a bikini to make it offiical, but I’ll just go ahead and enjoy this unexpectedly sunshiney Seattle day with a shirt. It’s sunny, but it’s windy! But there’s a million daffodils and tulips and the cherry blossoms are just starting up.

Of course when most people think “break” they probably mean chilling with cute little umbrellas in their drinks. You and I both know that’s not what I’m about. Well, I do love a good cocktail, but if my life were a bumper sticker it would read: I’d rather be DIYing, painting, breaking something or making something. Today is my planning [favorite] day wherein I’ll make the official lists of how much productivity I can squeeze in a week and what supplies I’ll need to get ahold of. Tonight me and the boys are gonna get together and jam and then tomorrow I’m high-tailing it to the hardware store. And maybe Joann’s. Ooh!

Meanwhile, at Sunshine Press, I’ve missed my own deadline for Meet: Sad panda. But I promise it’s for good reason! I had a surprise for February and then the time sort of melted and it was March! Don’t worry, there’s a Meet:ing or two on deck. They’re just awaiting their final bits and bobs and edits. Stick with me! Don’t be upset!

You want more to look forward to? Well, a certain little someone just happened to cross something off her Life List! Yeah. See? So there.

And wedding updates! And new afters! And more befores! Oh, you just wait, kids.

Meanwhile look at this birthday card I got from Mama Sunshine today! It’s sheer brilliance makes up for its tardiness easily! Like, no question. It starts as a box.

Mama Sunshine's Skills

And it’s cute all on its own. Then you open it and folds down into an incredible card with little lovenotes everywhere and pictures of me when I was [cute ass] baby!



Baby Sunshine

And in the middle is another mini box with a pearl necklace and matching earrings. My mom is a genius.








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