Life List Update: Robe

I’d almost forgot that I completely accomplished something else! Look me. Uh-huh. Wiggle-butt dance!


own a flowing silk robe

Okay, it’s not silk, but satin is still sexy! Check me out, y’all. Below’s the robe I’d been rockin. It’s fuzzy and really soft, but its short and not warm. It also has the rare ability to fall out of form in record time. Do I need help looking chunky and fuzzy? Nope. Time to switch it up!


I found this gem at Value Village. Yes, the thrift shop. When I got home I put that song on and danced like a pimp on the rare occasion that pimpin’ is easy. Then I promptly popped it in the washer and dryer.

Stylish, yes? Even though it looks blueish due to the light, it’s totally black. It’s Victoria Secret. The secret is, it’s lined with fuzzy soft fabric that keeps the Seattle chill out. Thanks Vicky. Good lookin out. This particular one must be discontinued there. I searched, but they all were short and $50ish. Way too much for this college student budget. The Value Village survey says: $3.99.

BOOYAH! Hug me, I’m fabulous!


It seriously makes home feel like a luxury experience. I’ve been wearing those lacy little babydoll dresses underneath. I always thought they were silly, but turns out they’re perfect at being sexy and preventing me getting too hot when I sleep. This is one of those things that I always thought adults did, you know, wearing lace and silk and robes. But, um, I shoulda been on this ten years ago [no, really, imagine me at 17 in this robe. Just as awesome.]. Ain’t nothing wrong with being comfy.



*Special thanks to my roommate, Cain, who complimented me on it and reminded me that I’m kicking my Life List‘s ass!


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