Bathroom Update

Remember when we got our bathroom did?


For the most part it was as if our landlord was reading my mind. The lovely tiles with dark grey grout, the ambient blue/green wall color, oh, just about everything was wonderful.

Except this vanity he picked. I like its basic shape, but it’s topped with a beige marble limestone combo slab that matches nothing else. I balanced it out in the beginning with a tissue box and other accessories that sort of brought all the colors together, but Honeybee got sick and we used all those tissues and I don’t know. Meh.

vanity and tiles

Adding insult to injury, this vanity wasn’t so well made. Honeybee dropped a cup (an everyday regular plastic, not glass cup) in the sink and it cracked! He felt so bad about it, too. Oftentimes he’ll be just going about his business, then “hulk out” and break something. I usually make fun of him to no end. How’d that glass get broken, babe? I don’t know, I was just holding it. Hulking out! But this time I resisted. Having to explain to the landlord that we’d more than completely broken-in this bathroom he so kindly built for us sucked. We like to be good tenants. 

Turns out that this vanity is an all-in-one sort of deal. They don’t make replacement sinks that fit, so the whole thing’ll have to be replaced. [No wonder our landfills are overrun.] To the tune of $360. Ouch.

Landlord isn’t so sure, though. He took some measurements and is weighing the options of a do-it-himself sink gutting versus getting a new, probably different, vanity all together. We’ll see how it goes.

In the meantime here are some other things happening in there:

weird mirror

My Heart, She Hangs is a mixed media work of art by yours truly. I love its reflection and how the grey of the backing planks and the blue-green of the wall color work together. Serene. I don’t know about this mirror, though. When I clean it the weird antique-y paint stuff comes off. Oh, but isn’t she sweet?!

My Heart, She Hangs

We moved our corner shelf to the other side of the shower on account of Matt hulking out. Ahem.


And here, behold the outlandishness! Matt asked, very nicely, mind you, for a picture of cleavage for bathroom. Um, what? I don’t think so. But, like I said, he asked very nicely. He also commissioned a photo shoot, shot and edited the photo and framed it himself. Cleavage as the ultimate motivation? Clearly. Okay, fine. But then he put speakers in there for iPod plugability. Not as cute. I’m thinking of having my way with them. 

oobies and speakers

My way, of course, involving paint. 🙂

We’ll see where the bathroom goes from here. Either way, I can’t say enough about the wonders of its convenience. And, so, I call it a victory.

Hehe. Cleavage.



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