Upcoming Projects

Man, this quarter has been a doozie so far. And I’m only 4 weeks in! That’s okay, though, I love a good challenge. Did I mention I’m practically an expert on primates, the economic climate and calculating mortgages?

Yeah. Hella.

That said, I’m taking that whole light at the end of the tunnel thing seriously. At the end of this quarter-tunnel I get a whole semester off, I get to marry my honey! Basically I get to win! But, in order to get there without being a bridezilla there are a few projects I need to get done.

As of tomorrow we’re just 7 weeks away from our wedding! If I’ve learned anything through calculating interest rates it’s to start small and to start now. I figure one project a week until the big day  [one, maybe two of those weeks will be filled with studying for and taking finals, of course]. Here’s what you can expect from me in the next few weeks:

  • handmade garlands. There are a million great ones on Etsy that aren’t too-too expensive, but I’d rather have something made by hand for free. Can’t beat it. Can’t beat it with a stick. 
  • a fancy fascinator. Again, wonderful options on Etsy, except they can get to be pretty expensive. Making it myself ensures I have exactly what I want for at-cost pricing. Score.
  • Menu: Sunshine’s Sweet Almonds aka BRI’S NUTS. This is my easy recipe for the sweet almonds you get at the Fair. I’ll be making these as thank you gifts for the everyone who comes!
  • Photo vignettes. I’ll be making some backdrops for people to take photos in front of. This’ll be a really fun project! I’ve got so many options, though, that my indecisiveness is pushing this one back. But it’s also the one I’m most excited about! Ahhh!

Yeah! Be on the look out for these goodies coming up real soon!

In the meantime I’m flashing back to last summer’s hikes with Honeybee when this happened:


This photo was taken from Matt’s shoulders as he carried me [from a hundred yards behind this point and] all the way down to the water and romanced me with kisses and poetry and acoustic guitar. Sigh.

Can’t wait to get to end, but enjoying the ride,


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