DIY Paper Garlands

This week left me feeling all sorts of random and raw. Just happy to have it done. But now that all the work is done [a midterm, homework and work-work] and there’s nothing but sunshine and, well, I FEEL EFFIN GREAT!

Isn’t it awesome how sunshine can do that? I think so. This weekend I’ll be working on Mother’s Day projects and birthday presents for my mom [same day as mother’s day], but that doesn’t mean I won’t share what I worked on last weekend. Check it. Paper garlands.

Paper Garlands

Aren’t they lovely? Just cute as a button! Here’s how I done it!

Gather supplies: Pritt Stick [always reminds me of the Kate Nash song, Mariella, “she got some Pritt Stick and she glued her lips togethah…”], hemp string, magazine to clip, fine point sharpie, scissors, a razor and two sheets of plastic or cardboard to make your templates.


You can make garlands out of any shape, but I went for small triangles, big triangles and circles to keep it simple. Since these are for our upcoming wedding, I used bridal magazines and catalogues I had left over. They have bunches of flowers and great color schemes built right in. Make your templates using something easy to trace around. For the circles and smaller triangles I used a thin sheet of plastic [originally the back of a report cover]. For the bigger triangles I used a sheet of cardboard I found lying around.

Trace, cut, repeat. [For four hours or until the kitty gets tired of playing the hemp string and clippings and falls asleep, whichever]


Once you’ve got your shapes, move on to assembly.

When you initially unwrap your string, it’s not gonna lay flat. I played with it by twisting it around until it seemed calm to avoid a willy nilly finished product. That step isn’t necessary if willy nilly is the look you’re going for.

Lay your triangle face down and give the edge a rub with your glue stick. For the circles I folded them in half and creased them down so the center would be easy to find.


Lay the string over top then fold over gently using a rocking motion.


Slide and push so that you get a good fit.


Then put just a bit more glue on the tips and fold them over so you have a snug little hole for the string to fit through. Then just keep doing that until you run out of something. Ha! Tie loops at the ends so they’ll be easy to hang later. I love making things easy.

For some I did all circles or all triangles but my favorites are the combination ones where I alternated little triangle, circle, little triangle, big triangle, little triangle, circle, little triangle, etc.


Suggestion: make a movie marathon of it and craft with friends. I watched Harry Potter for these, but a Jeff Goldblum marathon would’ve been good!

This isn’t their final destination, but I had to string these bad boys up in the gorgeous sunshine of my backyard so you could see!


DSC_4476 DSC_4469 DSC_4487

Happy crafting!



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