Le Sigh


How are you? Good? Yeah, me too, I guess. At this point (this two weeks till finals, three weeks till wedding point to be exact) I thought I’d be a bit more stressed out. Actually everything’s falling into place. My grades are good, respectable Bs! I’m all le sigh, though because a few friends won’t be able to make it.

I know, sad panda, but I understand. That’s what happens when you move a couple thousand miles away. They’ll all be there in spirit, and that’s all I ask for.

Meanwhile, I tell Honeybee about the most recent drop outs and he says, “I’ll be there.”

This guy. He’s gonna get it. Right to the moon.



2 thoughts on “Le Sigh

  1. Aww that’s sweet stuff. <3. Right around my wedding, I kept reminding myself that as long as there was a husband + a minister there, and we ended the day married, it would be a win. 🙂

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