Licensed to Wed


These are our shock faces after realizing how easy it is to get married in Washington.

We’re now in the two week range until the big day! My dress is on the way. (Although I’ve yet to pick shoes.) Most of our thank you gifts are even ready to go! Unfortunately in order to move forward briskly with wedding plans while maintaining good grades, working, exercising and taking just enough time to chill I’ve been much less active here.

Sorry loves!

I thought surely I would be able to edit the yummy Menu photos in my camera, but nay. That was wishful thinking! You know I’m a dreamer.

So let’s call it what it is! Hiatus! I’m taking a break to massacre these finals next week and, the following week, pursue my biggest project to date: Happily ever after!

Don’t be upset, though! When I get back I’ll tell you alllllllll about it! Including sharing some wedding budget tips!


Miss soon-to-be Mrs Sunshine


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