Back in the Game

[deep breath]

Oh hai, hey darlings. Sup? Oh me? I’m just Mrs. Wray over here just, you know, minding my own business. Yup!!!

[a million !!!]


Okay, I’m calm. We’re breathing.

I’m just so excited! So glad to have had such a perfect wedding in the unmarked camp at the end of the gravel road with family, new and old. I will have a post of photos coming up real soon! Omg my husband was a hotsicle, like mister bombastic, like mister-I’ll-gonna-marry-you! Can’t wait to share those.

Just popping in to say, I’m back! And I have lots of projects to share with you beginning with some wedding tips and tricks, furniture restorations, we’ve got people to meet and AND annnnd! I’ve got some kind-of-a-big-deal-news coming up, too.

Are you pumped?

I’m pumped.

Okay, I’m calm. We’re breathing.

Here’s one teaser wedding photo taken by the lovely Angela!

Teaser Wedding Photo


Mrs. Brianna Wray


you know what i love? comments from awesome people.

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