Mourning the Loss of Google Reader

Well, it’s been a whole day. How are you holding up? Me? No, I’m fine. Google Reader and I…well, we weren’t close.

Actually, I didn’t really know much about Google Reader until all my favorite blogs began talking about its then-upcoming demise. I follow close to thirty blogs at least semi-regularly and I carefully save each one to my bookmarks. This act doesn’t sound freakish but it sort of is.

Let me illuminate!

I’ve got my MacBook, affectionately known as Steve, with all my favorites bookmarked, then I’ve got blogs I look forward to checking out on my Reading List. Makes sense, right? No biggie.


I have each and every blog saved at work, too! Now, bear in mind that I work at two different offices every day, that’s two different [crappy, slow] computers that I’ve painstakingly saved my preciouses on! A bit much?  Maybe. BUT I LOVE THEM!


*gently folds freak flag, tucks it away*

Here’s the face I get from Pokie when I’m trying to read blogs at home.

random poke

I thought I’d share my favorites with you since they’re awesome and you’re awesome and awesome things go together.

[blogs listed in no particular order, don’t be hatin’]

Making it Lovely, run by the pink-loving wonder, Nicole. This was actually the first design blog I ever got into. Like, into-into if you know what I mean. If you don’t, I mean that I literally spent a relaxing Saturday afternoon going ALL THE WAY BACK to when Nicole first started [she was about three years deep at the time] and read everything in chronological order which is the fastest way to feel like you know someone when you totally, actually don’t.

I did the same thing with Door Sixteen. The book-cover designing, house-owning, apartment-renting Anna Dorfman has it going on. She has an amazing way of mixing black, grey and white that stays cool, clean and yet still warm and inviting. I haven’t tried it yet, but she’s got me convinced that tiling is do-able. And of course that led to my adoration of Manhattan Nest! Daniel (and his fiance, Max) is a killer designer. His style is eclectic and fun and I love both these blogs’ New York intensity. AND the fact that Anna and Daniel are friends makes it even easier to pretend we’re friends more fun!

Even as I describe this I can feel my hot-mess-meter rising. Haha! What can I say? I love to make big messes, to create new things and celebrate it all with a beer. These characteristics are obviously shared by Sarah at the Ugly Duckling House. I mean, for real. Her slogan is, “I’m not going gray; that’s just paint in my hair.” The woman is not playing games. She’s got power tools and she’s not afraid to use them…well, one time she was but she got over it cause she’s a badass. Growing up my dad was the one who loved to go clothes shopping and my mom was the one at Lowe’s trying to get a discount on a skill saw. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s how we roll. Back in the day Sarah got involved with another blogger—something I’ve been meaning to do in real life—for a Dueling DIY challenge and that’s how I found Kit at DIYdiva. Another power tool wielding goddess, but Kit’s on a farm! With adorable donkeys! And adorable-r chickens that she calls Nuggets running around all over the place. LOVE IT.

Then I brush off the sawdust and cruise by View Along the Way to see what Kelly’s cooking…well, not cooking per se it’s not a food blog or anything, but there are top-notch DIY projects all up and over that blog! By the way, Kelly is as hilarious as she is inventive. When I got my Better Homes and Gardens issue with her renewed laundry room in it I practically knocked Honeybee over showing it to him. “Omg I READ THIS BLOG! Omg! Look! LOOK! SHE STENCILED THE WHOLE WALL HERSELF!” Seriously it’s gorgeous! And of all the blogs I’ve ever commented on [which is probably a surprisingly low number considering how voraciously I devour them], she replied and visited the Press! So sweet.

Then there’s HOUSE*TWEAKING which is an entirely apt title because usually by this point I am tweaking a little myself, brain a’burst with ideas and ENTHUSIASM. What can I say? Dana [plus a Handy Husband] is an all-star in the realm of stripes and classics and cool colors. I can dig it.

I know what you’re thinking. Do I even have time to work at work with all this design deliciousness?

Don’t worry about that.

Centsational Girl, Kate, takes us step by step on many a DIY-adventure especially some dank, delicious Ikea hacks and truly inspiring outdoor spaces. Gotta love it.

After reading several entire archives of bloggers who live elsewhere, I got the bright idea to search for someone near me. That’s how I found Maggie Rose. She shares her own space as well as client projects which is great for demonstrating her style in different contexts. Though she currently resides in Seattle, rumor [blog] has it she and her fiance are moving to San Francisco to pursue new opportunities.

Speaking of movers and shakers, Jenny at Little Green Notebook recently announced she’s moving, too! From New York back to her hometown in Arizona. But just look at her old brownstone. Clearly this is a lady who has it going on. And by ‘it’ I mean style. I love the way she incorporates her mister’s guitars right into her designs. That’s something I look forward to what with Honeybee’s collection of acoustic, electric and bass guitars…and that cello.

And, of course, if I’m still not satisfied, I head over to Design*Sponge for all the haps in everything design…and spongy. Grace [and her team] do a great job of covering all the bases from current trends [chevron, anyone?] to the history of colors, to table-scapes to city guides. All over the place awesome. Can’t. Get. Enough.

So, yeah, there you have it, a sampling of my favorite blogs. They get me giggling at my screen and inspired to make my house [and blog!] a home. Of course when they don’t post I may definitely shout! There are more, too! Perhaps I’ll get around to making one of those blogroll pages one day.

D’you have blogs you can’t live without? I mean, aside from this one, of course! I hear Bloglovin and Feedly are great alternatives to the old Google Reader. Do you use a reader or bookmark fiendishly like me?

I can’t be the only one!




you know what i love? comments from awesome people.

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