Menu: Sunshine’s Black Beans & Rice

Hope you had a great 4th of July!


Ours was just packed with adventure, we went down by the Ballard Locks and watched the trains crossing over the crazy robot claw bridge. And later we watched the fireworks from a pier. Chill-tacular spectacular. Until we saw those UFOs. Kind of freaky. But awesome. Are you hungry?

Pull up a bowl and get ready for mah black beans & rice. I love to make it on a Sunday and then have leftovers all week. Ooh! But, really, anytime is the right time.

Of all my recipes this is the most vegan-able, meaning if you made it without the bacon, you’re done. So you can make this deliciousness for anyone. It’s filling but light, yummy and just right. Let’s make it!


As I’ve mentioned in previous recipes I really don’t get into specific amounts unless it’s absolutely necessary. In this case, it isn’t. Fuggidaboutit. [I suck at faking accents…I really should just stop.] You can chop how-much-ever of which-ever you like, but I suggest: garlic, shallot, white onion, carrot, serrano pepper, green pepper, jalepeno pepper, celery and mushrooms. Mushrooms forever. [I also cut up some cilantro for garnish, not pictured]

fresh cut veggies

And, you know, black beans are sort of imperative to the recipe. Two cans. Not toucans.

black beans

Fry up some bacon like so:


Once it’s finished, set on a paper towel to cool and drain and use the grease to get those veggies working. Ow!


Sauté your most resilient veggies first. Carrots, onions and green peppers are the tough guys here. Add serrano now if you’re not into to too-too spicy. The closer to raw, the closer to hellfire. Keep that in mind.

add mushrooms

Pop in about a cup of salsa. Whatever kind you like. Oh! It’d be so damn good with corn salsa! Mph! Then throw in the more sensitive veggies next, garlic and mushrooms. Stir gently to coat. When it gets good n’ sizzly, add your beans. I make sure to use a little water to free to those beans at the bottom and pour that water right in. Mama Sunshine don’t waste food, Sunshine don’t neither. [And this concludes the bad grammar portion of the Press, heh.] I also add crushed red pepper and black pepper at this point. What can I say, we like spicy! Pop the top on that sucker and turn it down to low heat.

rice, rice baby

Make your rice any way you like. I’m not here to tell you how to live your life. Don’t be upset!

served up

While my beans are simmering those last few minutes, I’m washing the cutting board and preparing for serving. Bowl-up your rice and then you’ll be ready for the beans. They only need to simmer about five minutes. Scoop over your rice and garnish with bacon and cilantro.

honeybee's bowl

Honeybee likes his bacon all in one piece instead of the co-garnish method. Either way, delicious!

What’s your favorite bean recipes?

Om nom nom,



5 thoughts on “Menu: Sunshine’s Black Beans & Rice

  1. This looks absolutely delish! And super healthy 😀 I will probably make it soon. Minus the bacon (I will use fakin’ bits). NOM! Thank you so much! 😀

  2. Favorite bean recipes – there is a black bean and corn pico de gallo recipe going around right now that is delish and extremely visually beautiful for the table (especially with a blue dish or blue tablecloth). Spicy Lentil dals, cook quick and thicken up into a spoon-standing consistency, good with tortillas, flat bread, or rice. Besides being the quickest and most energy efficient to cook of all the legumes, lentils are also the highest in most vitamins and minerals (if you eat a dish of lentils, the most nutritious legume, and kale, the most nutritious vegetable, you can basically eat junk food the rest of the week if you want, or go to the bar, because your dinner was so nutritious and cheap. Ha ;P). I just made a crockpot of “cowboy beans” for the 4th, basically chili with the difference being the use of sliced veggie brats and fakin’ bits as the not-meat. Used small red beans (yes apparently that is their name :P) and light red kidney beans. Of course chili, using any combo of red, kidney, black, and/or pinto beans. Add a package of shredded coleslaw cabbage and you have “cabbage patch soup” and the combo of cruciferous veggies and legumes makes it a good one-dish cancer fighter. White “chicken” chili using white beans, jalapenos, and a vegan chicken substitute (Whole Foods carries “Beyond Meat” white vegan not-chicken in deli that is great. If you are boycotting Whole Paycheck, then look for another vegan faux chicken in freezer section). Homeade refried beans (major comfort food. Use plenty of garlic. Bean burrito with these, red chili sauce and Daiya vegan cheddar shreds). Then there is the Greek dish of “Giant Beans” – yes, that is the real name too – giant fava beans are the bean for that one, but in the US the largest lima/butter beans are often substituted. Some people carry a southern European gene for a deadly allergy to fava beans, so probably best to avoid them anyway.The sauce for those is a spicy tomato sauce w/ plenty of oregano and served as an appetizer with pita bread or sometimes as a lunch dish in itself. Going to give a try to Egyptian breakfast beans sometime – eaten by most Egyptians for breakfast. Ethiopian legume dishes spiced with berebere and served with injera. Oh why am I hungry again, I just ate . . . . . Nomnomnomnomnomnom . . . .

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