Life List Update: Find My Love, Keep Him/Her

I like to think of myself as a hopeful romantic, always believing that there was a love out there for me. When I moved to Seattle almost four years ago now, I wasn’t looking for anyone at all. Turns out my love was the very first person I met here! How convenient! I just had to move 3,000 miles across the country and go to the store. Boom, there he was.

Find my love

marketime matt

Here’s my Honeybee at the Market around the time I met him. I don’t officially think of it as love at first sight but there was definitely an instant, flurrying reaction that hasn’t gone away since.

We dated openly for a little over a year. I could tell very quickly, just within a few months, that there was a serious problem forming between us. I was struggling against the current of love, forcing myself to date other people to maintain our “openness” when I realized, duh, Brianna, you’re in love. Deal with it. You basically can’t resist this face.


Of course neither of us were prepared for that. It was awkward, but there’s such a level of underlying comfort between us that we couldn’t stop seeing each other. It just didn’t make sense.

Matt n Bri

Almost another year later, Matt and I were making plans. Rather, Matt was trying to make plans and I was contentedly lighting candles and incense. He’d just told me all his days off for the next week, each of which he’d already deemed time for us to be together. I was only barely hanging on to what days he was saying, I was sure I’d forget by the time I blinked again, when I realized it didn’t matter,

“If you’re asking me what’s going on for tomorrow, if you’re asking me what it is exactly I want to do, well I don’t really know. What I do know is that I want to do whatever it is with you.”

And all my ambiance-making fell away, and he was on his knees and we were engaged. Couldn’t believe it. Just! What?!

I was positively thrilled [still am!!!] on one hand, but on the other side I was a little bit down. It’s not something I talk about often ever here but I personally identify as bisexual. I’m an equal opportunity lady, what can I say! So, if perchance my love had happened to be a woman we wouldn’t have been able to share the same excitement at the time. I sort of planned to wait until it was legal for everyone everywhere to mark their commitment before I went down that road [aisle] again. But there we were, happy as clams, a couple of heterosexuals, on the road to marriage.

We gave ourselves over a year to plan a wedding because we knew our budget (both time and money) would be limited since I’m also a full-time student and Honeybee’s work schedule is unreliable to say the least. We took our time making decisions and I was able to make decorations myself. Peep my garlands, photo vignette and fascinator [coming soon]!

Keep him/her

We were married June 15th, 2013 and we jumped for joy.


And then, by gum, DOMA is defeated! I’m so happy for everyone out there who’s been able to know love and to be able to share it with whomever they please. Yay!

Still working on the full on Walla Walla wedding post, but couldn’t help checking off that Life List. I’m getting it done, y’all. One step at a time.

With love,


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