Carried Away on Monday

carried away

I love Seattle in summer. It’s so easy to succumb to sunshine in the afternoons and warm firelight by night. You could wander down any old alleyway and find inspiring graffiti such as this guy.

When it comes to deadlines for work or school I have no problem putting nose to grindstone. I write everything out in my planner and then make daily to do lists and knock em out. When it comes to my goals for summer time, well, let’s just say I needed some time to unplug from that. Sometimes you just gotta get carried away; to be inspired to get back to the important things.

What sort of important things? Well, actually, this summer, this very summer, on an internet near you, I’ll be presenting a bevy of all new paintings and crafts for purchase! Which is doubly exciting because it’s a major step toward doing what I love for a living.

Creating your own dream job is hard work because at every turn there’s an opportunity to lose steam. You have to keep a very close eye on so many little business related things that sometimes the creative side gets foggy. And especially being new to the game, it’s easy to lose confidence in your work by associating self with it, like, if your creation fails, you fail. For the last couple weeks I’ve fallen prey to such folly.

And it is folly.

Truth is I put my heart into every piece, then send them off to homes where they will be loved. I have to remind myself that although this will be my first venture in selling my works online, this is not my first time opening up to consumers. Before I lived in Seattle and pre-blog, I used to sell art and paint live with the B-Side Artists in Orlando. We were face to face with people who were on their way to and from clubs, sometimes drunk, and as late as 3 in the morning. It was a ball, so much fun!

One night this guy saw me early in the evening beginning a new piece. He was on his way somewhere but inquired, “is that gonna be a tree?” Yeah. “I love trees.” He flipped over his necklace which looked like a regular dime on the front side, but on the back it was engraved with a tree that looked just like the one I’d begun. “Here’s $100 now, I’ll be back in two hours with another bill for you if you finish it tonight.” Sure thing. It can take anywhere from a day to five years for me to really finish a painting, but that night, that guy walked away smiling, just staring at the [miraculously] finished tree as if he’d searched for it all his life.

Oh yeah. I have experience. It takes remembering and re-remembering, though, because I want to do this right. Do you sell your wares online? Give me advice! Or painting requests? I take those, too!  What are you up to this week? Workin hard or hardly workin?



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