Menu: Sunshine’s Famous Shrimp Pasta


Sunshine here, making you a plate! Today I’ve got my shrimp pasta for your tummy! Lookee:

Y’want some? Alright, I’ll show you what to do. It’s as easy to make as it is delicious, I promise!

My shrimp pasta recipe has definitely evolved over the years. It began when I was at the biggest size I had ever been [or will ever be], so you could imagine the proportions of things were a bit different back then. But it’s a recipe that I still wanted to enjoy as I lost weight, so I tweaked it in tiny ways to make it a bit healthier. And there’s more you could do, like maybe, whole grain pasta, but here’s what I do these days:

Alright grab your cutting board, a nice, sharp knife, cilantro, carrot, onion green pepper, shallot, serrano pepper, garlic and celery. About this much. Or more. Or less.


cremini shrooms

You’ll also want some crimini mushrooms, half a lemon, half a stick of butter, and a head of broccoli.

I didn’t get a good picture of it, but chop the broccoli and pop it in a Pyrex container with a splash of water and a little garlic with a lid. Just set it in the microwave until you’re ready for steaming. Actually it’s like a half-steam and then we toss it in to finish later.

Anywhoo, this picture does a blurry great job at showing the spices necessary. First there’s the butter we talked about, about half a stick for the  whole thing [which makes about six servings]. I’d always rather use a small amount of real butter than any amount of margarine. There’s black pepper, crushed red pepper flake, plum sauce, garlic & herb Mrs. Dash [yummy and salt free!], ground ginger and parsley.

Making this recipe is one of the most relaxing experiences in the world to me. It’s like, the comfort food that keeps on giving…or…rather starts giving early. I also usually have a glass of white wine as I cook it which invariably gets added to the mix. Pick your favorite. I generally go for a mid-range Pinot grigio.

ingredients for delicous

And shrimpies! Here we have wild caught cleaned and cooked shrimp with tails on. I stand by what I said about cooking this being relaxing, even as I personally remove each shrimp tail to improve the eating experience. Do what ye will.


Since they’re already cooked they only go in at the end. In the meantime, get a big pot of water boiling. I’ve tried just about every shape of pasta for this meal and I keep coming back to linguine. Second choice is thin spaghetti. Once the water boils, throw in a little olive oil.

butter plus veggies

One, two, you know what to do. I slice down that butter to add gradually throughout cooking. Get it sizzling with your most resilient veggies first, as usual. Medium high. Here we have carrots, onions and a bit of green pepper.

Next, set the microwave to steam those broccoli spears for a minute. Just one.

Back at the stove, add in the rest of your veggies, sprinkle with lemon juice, wine and a spoonful of plum sauce. Only when everything is almost ready do you add in the shrimp and stir around to coat. Once the shrimp is in, I add one more spoonful of plum sauce, as well as Mrs. Dash, red pepper flake, ginger, parsley, and black pepper.

plus shroom plus shrimp

Pop that broccoli in. Happy little tree spears! Stir them to coat and let cook for just another minute while you grab your bowls.

plus steamed broccoli

I love to toss the pasta around with some butter first, then pour our mixture over the top, then toss again, like so.

and pasta!

Serve in your favorite bowl. Garnish with cilantro. Right at the end, right here, I pop in the tiniest bit of course ground sea salt. That’s the only salt involved, which = awesome.


And now I suppose you can just get a fork, put on Amelie and just do what comes natural. What do you think? What’s your favorite light pasta recipe?

Happy nomming!

ex oh,



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