Ain’t Nuttin’ To It But To Do It


Hey there!

How was your weekend?! I hear the Bite of Seattle was on fire this year. I know I had myself a great time last year, but this past weekend there was only one thing on my mind, IKEA. My buddy Bethany and I journeyed to the fair land of Renton, Washington. Visited foreign Starbucks. Ate meatballs. Deelish! I got so many good treats!

But if you thought IKEA on a Saturday was tiresome enough, no, no, you were wrong. After a daring moment of strapping this giant Mona Lisa on the roof of the car, we made our way back home to drop stuff off, then went to Home Depot for flowers and supplies. And THEN went to Fred Meyer for groceries! I was exhausted by the end but I love being stocked up on all sorts of stuff for all sorts of projects to share with you!


One Step at a Time, wherein I aim to spruce up outdoor spaces in order to better enjoy them in all this sunshine…that is if/when I ever actually just sit down. The photo above illustrates what that might look like.

Routine Maintenance, I may have mentioned that I’m a list person. I mean, I don’t need to tell you–in the middle of a list–that I love lists. You know me! But there are all sorts of things that don’t fit on the average to do list that are important for health and happiness. I want to get serious with myself and figure out the best plan to keep up.

That Fabulous Table, my buddy Ryan gave me this incredible round coffee table he inherited from his grandma that is in need of a little TLC. Back when I refinished my dresser I was gearing up for this table–this table was my goal, but I got scared because all the little fittings and hinges are precious and what if I ruin it?! Well, bottom line is I ain’t no punk! I’m going to stain it black and I’m gonna name it Sirius and it will be the best thing that ever happened. You just wait!

After that, well, I may just have a BIG GINORMOUS SURPRISE.

Or not.


You didn’t hear it from me. 😉


What are you up to this week? Looks like the sun’s gonna shine. Perfect time to be productive little busy bees!





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