Waiting for Paint to Dry…


Are you the type of miraculous person who can start one project and see it all the way through before beginning another? If you are, please tell me how you do it ’cause I’m all over the place these days! So many of my goals and projects are things that have to be done a bit at a time. Little workout here. Little painting there. Little sanding. You know. I’d planned to have that table I’ve been working on finished, styled, photographed and edited by now.

Oh what a fool I was!

Even at this slower pace I’d planned to have a coat of poly on it by now, but I just looked closely and saw a patch of wet stain! How rude! Ugh! But this is the test of the woodworker! You can’t put poly on until your stain is fully dry or you risk moisture bubbles later. I knew the air was a bit moist down here, but DAMN!

Instead of crying over spilled craft, I’m gonna spend today watching Harry Potter beginning a few new projects that I’ve been waiting around to start and I’ll be back next week with the final reveal as well as new things!

How’s Sunday treating you?



you know what i love? comments from awesome people.

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