Routine Maintenance Part 1


Every day life gets a bit better. Some days, like today, I wake up in my happy place: between a Honeybee and a Pokie. I have a cute attack any time I wake up to a purring kitty resting her head on my pillow. LIKE PEOPLE! Then on the other side there’s a cascade of Matt’s hair which is getting quite long these days! And he usually smiles in his sleep. Catching glimpse of this is a recipe for a happy Sunshine. Moments like these make me want to be as healthy as I can be, in an effort to live longer and prosper, be a good wife, daughter, sister and aunt. And so, it’s imperative to hash out the mucky muck that is maintenance. Above is a photo simulation of what Princess Pokie looks like in the wee hours of the morning. Which is cute.

All my drivers out there, you know what I’m talking about. Three months or three thousand miles, you gotta get that oil changed. I remember my first car, [a green 1999 Rav4 I named Betty because she was a stick shift and you had to tap dance with her if you wanted to get anywhere.], she was already over 100,000 miles, so I was all about my oil changes! New, high quality tires last about 60,000 miles, maybe. Your timing belt might not make it that far, though. Really, it’s not just drivers. Bicyclists have tread and batteries for flashy lights for safety, etc. Everything, every little accessory needs upkeep, but nothing more so than our number one mode of transit, our bodies. Don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people who buys a metric eff-ton of vitamins and then forgets to take them. I thought maybe I’d remember if I went out and got one of those super cute pill cases like this, but I was too impatient! I wanted it now. Then. Then I went to Target and a totally basic, but randomly neon one for $10. Nay. I don’t need a case to tell me to take my vitamins! Right? But the fact remains that I have a drawer full of vitamins, untaken. So just what does it take to make a healthy, new habit? How does one figure it all out?

The way I go about everything, silly, make a list! These are potential areas of health to consider, hair, skin, nails, cardiovascular, muscular, digestive, breast/gynecological, mental and political. I’ll be keeping an eye on my current regime and I’ll do some research on proposed scheduling. My goal is to figure out an actual, cohesive schedule to fit everything in while somehow maintaining some sense of spontaneity. If I do it right, not only will greater health be achieved temporarily, but I might actually be able to keep it up once fall semester begins. I love a challenge. Gonna figure it all out and meet you back here.

Alright? BREAK!

Heh. D’you see that? All of a sudden we were in a huddle. We’re tight like that. Huddling. Hey, what’s your maintenance plan? Do you just go with what you feel or did you come up with something based on magazines or old habits? Do you get flu shots?

Holla back!



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