Living in a Lighthouse

Oh hai!

My buddies Jared and Scott are roommates and they live in a lighthouse. A lighthouse house. Look how cute!


Why yes, that is a unicorn flag. Perfect. Although since then I think the boys put up an American flag.


It’s magical enough from the outside with all the wrought iron details, but then you go inside. I could weep. Big thanks for Scott and Jared for letting me share their space. It’s quite the swanky bachelor pad. You walk right into the living room and dining area which has a cutout so you can see Jared doing dishes.


Then around the corner you’re confronted with this beauty! Most of the art you see is Scott’s work including the bird and cassette tape and the magnificent blue peacock below. Talented people are just everywhere in Seattle.

spiral staircase

Look at that brass handle. Look at it! And the Edison sconce? Stop it. Ladies, I’m serious. They’re single.

scott's peacock

Because you and I both know I can’t resist. Here’s more details. This is the jam area where Scott’s drums and Jared’s keyboards are set up. Because they’re musicians, too!


What is up the stairs, you ask?


A happy plant, more art and more stairs. I didn’t get a good shot of the ones leading up to the lighthouse itself, so they’re best seen here. They might look narrow, but I’ve scaled em with a wine glass in a skirt. Not bad at all.


They lead to a large, heavy trap door and up to the lighthouse itself. The railing goes all the way ’round for 360 degree chillaxing.

railing 2

Though the light is functional and probably does contribute to the overall brightness of the waterfront, it’s not actually used to keep ships safe. But there is a light!

lighthouse lighting

And the view from the top is spectacular. Especially with binoculars. Here’s Honeybee doing the creep.

looking out

Across the street is Ray’s which I hear serves up some delicious seafood and views. Have you eaten there? We gotta check it out sometime soon.

view from the top

Ugh. Yes. Gorgeous. You basically can’t look away until sunset.

Thanks for traveling with me to the faraway land of Ballard, Seattle! And thanks again Jared and Scott for letting me all up in your lovely home.




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