It’s Sew Easy to Craft

FIRST STITICHESThat charming husband of mine made a new friend in line at work. I may have mentioned he works at a market in Fremont. [What time is it? Marketime!] One of his lovely customers, a lady named Maggie, mentioned she’d just got a fancy new sewing machine and was planning to get rid of her old one. Honeybee and I had only just been talking about sewing machines. He seemed to be under the impression that I needed one. Why, I’m not sure since it’s been years since I anyone trusted me behind one and I’ve already hemmed all his pants and shorts by hand. He told Maggie about our conversation and was delighted to receive her old model once she got the hang of the new one. Thanks, Maggie!

Look out, world. I have a sewing machine now! The needle was broken and I spend a great deal of weekend familiarizing. Honeybee and I took a trip to the nation’s smallest Joann [true story!] for new needles. Usually I spend at least an hour looking through all the doodads Joanna carries, but Matt broke his toe at work this weekend and was a limpy thing. “Babe, we’re going there for just needles. In and out,” he said. I conceded, but that just goes to show, I don’t stop shopping unless there’s at least one broken bone. Now that I have a new [to me] sewing machine and a fresh pack of needles, I’m super excited to make new things. If you follow Sunshine Press on Pinterest you might’ve seen some easy project pinning!

The plan is to start simple with cloth napkins, tea towels and infinity scarves.

Once I’m positive I can sew a straight line, I plan to move on to shades for our windows. Currently our windows are covered with hideous blinds and the one we open has a white sheet on it. The windows are short and wide and all around frumpy. Ordinarily I’d suggest a big long curtain to make the room look bigger, etc, but that won’t do in our room. We need to be able to easily access the wall underneath (there’s an outlet directly below the window). Plus the window itself opens out, not up. We prop it open with a drum stick because we’re authentic musicians. I’m thinking the best option for covering such a window is roman shades. And apparently there are about a million no sew versions of the diy, but I’ve got a sewing machine now, so I’ll be making it  the hard way. Pillows, too!

Mama Sunshine is amazing behind a sewing machine! She’s made quilts for as long as I’ve lived and all the skills I have were learned from watching and practicing alongside her. To thank Mama for her expertise and, you know, for being the best mom ever, I’ll be making her [a super secret, shh, don’t tell] quilt. I haven’t quite decided what kind or a color scheme yet, but that’s the plan. For quilting practice I want to make a picnic blanket. One side will be denim ombre and the other side will be plaid flannel. The flannel side will have a pocket to hold cell phones/keys. As I described this idea to my Aunt she said it sounded like a perfectly warm cozy winter blanket. I didn’t even think of that! Our winters are pretty mild and I typically run hot. Ten bucks says I end up using it more as a throw than a picnic blanket. Either way, it will be cute!

After quilting, the next hardest slash most impossible thing for me to sew is clothing. I’ll be starting with (and probably sticking with) simple skirts for a while.

Sew yeah. Keep a lookout for a few new projects here.

[See what I did there? Little punny?]




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