Summery Summary

Taking a semester off from school was just what I needed to enliven my sense of adventure. Here’s what we did this summer…a summery summary if you will.

We had cake…at our wedding ceremony which happened to be scheduled the very day after the semester ended. It was a turbulent time, but we made it. And that cake was breathtaking. Double victory.


We saw naked people. This was extra special because it was Honeybee’s first time at the Fremont Solstice Parade. Every other year he’s had the misfortune to be scheduled for work. And this year they still did! Even though he requested it off! He had to leave early and didn’t really get to cut loose, but he still got to enjoy the show. Maybe next year I’ll convince him to ride.

photo c/o solstice cyclist

We made music. This summer has had no shortage of jams. I love that making music is something the husband and I both love. And those other guys are cool, too. Haha! Just kidding! The amount of creativity that Kevin, Jared and Jeff bring to the room is unstoppable. Sometimes we just get in a groove and keep going until we just can’t anymore. There’s such freedom in that.

JAMWe visited the Ballard Locks. You know, where the fishies mingle. Scott, who took the photo below, led us to a delightful spot near a claw bridge and the living was easy.

the wraps

I also had the pleasure of sharing Honeybee’s first experience with the Seattle Public Library. You know, that big, gorgeous amorphous looking glass building downtown? He’d never been there. If you knew how much he loves to read you be like, “aba?!” I unintentionally made the trip all the more memorable by forgetting my phone in the restroom a half hour before close, then riding the bus a couple blocks before realizing it. It was my first time seeing Matt really run. He hates it, but I swear he was lean and beautiful. Like a gazelle in an open field.

We had to have one more night at Noc Noc before they shut down the place. There are no pictures of that event, but just know that a time was had.

We took a little trip back to Walla Walla. We visited Honeybee’s brother, Brandon, who was in town from Iraq and celebrated Grandpa Verl’s birthday. This is Grandpa’s I-got-a-whole-sugar-free-cake-to-myself face.


The trip home was a time I don’t think I’ll ever forget. We’d just got on the highway when Honeybee realized he needed to put on shoes [rather than flops]. He pulled over, pulled out the keys because the clicker was broken, took off the flips, put on the shoes and then locked the keys in the trunk. Poor dear was so mad at himself. But Jared and I had our dials set to chill mode and that’s just what we did. Once we got going again we stopped at the viewpoint and took in this view.

rolling hills

And this one

majestic clouds

And this one

beautiful earth

I particularly enjoyed this one, but I could see how you might be nonplussed.


Love that face.

Even though I can feel the coming fall, we’ve still got a few weeks of summer to enjoy. Still on our list of things to do:

  • Visit the orchard at Carkeek Park
  • Cabin camping with Jared!
  • Shenanigans at the International District
  • Silly movies at Central Cinema

How’s your summer ending? What’s on your last minute fun list?




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