On Motivation and Overcast Workdays


I was chit chatting with the lovely Rebecca…

She had posted on my Facebook:

“I feel like i’m in the Pacific NW. It’s been raining for a week. This whole weekend I watched sitcom reruns and ate ice cream. My body definitely needed a rest after going full speed at work all week with the gloomy rain, but I’m just wondering… how do you guys do it? I’m chugging coffee just so i can get motivated to pick up new glasses a block away. Hahaha. You guys live life to fullest regardless of weather, it seems like. HOW?!  good coffee?!”

To which I responded:

“coffee, yes. also just knowing that there’s a struggle, being aware. sunshine is special and we have a plan for it, as is the rain. there’s something to love in every season. and coffee. THE BEST COFFEE IN THE WORLD FRESHLY GROUND FRENCH PRESSED AND IN THE TRAVEL MUG!!!”

Here’s me living the dream. Practicing what I preach, you might say. Earbuds blasting Solillaquists of Sound’s Orlando, Bauhaus coffee pressed as they do in France. Rocking new braids and everything!



It really is hard to get going sometimes. Usually my ready to go to-do list is what keeps me moving but in this last week before fall semester, I’m taking it as easy as it comes.





P.S. Is it just me or is my face getting really round? Honeybee says he likes my “quintessentially soft woman face,” but I don’t know. I foresee big changes in the near future.


you know what i love? comments from awesome people.

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