College Ain’t So Bad

Fall quarter is in session, here’s a pro/con list:



exploring my artistic passion

I’m working toward an associate of fine arts, but may shift to a more generalized associate’s (while continuing the art classes required as electives) and choose a more specific major at the next institution. So much to think about!

learning something new everyday

Yesterday I learned proper letterpress technique. Load the brayer in one direction until it makes a lip-smacking sound.

surrounded by honest, but critiquing eyes providing constant feedback

My printmaking class is experimental and because it’s the first of its kind (separated from the drawing class) it only required half-enrollment. There are six other people in my class. That kind of environment provides the potential for artistic growth. Yes.

relaxing campus life

Shoreline is composed of squatty buildings with ledges built out from the side and greenery everywhere else. Walking from the art building to the music building is like strolling through a retreat. Fall is the best. The leaves are fiery and golden and the students walk especially briskly.

having taken my time to enter college, i go to school like it’s my job, professors know my name and I work very hard

Two out of three of my professors knew me already. The third is new to the school and is a noted painter of roots and trees. Roots and trees? Those are my favorite things to paint! I had to introduce myself and I can’t wait to dominate every.  Single. Assignment.


perpetually broke


getting broker (as certain politicians plot to raise already high student loan interest rates)

Seriously outlandish.

a college degree is not a job guarantee

And I can’t even say that I want a ‘job’ anyway. I want to work for myself. Make amazing art. Provide for my family and maintain my sanity. Is that too much to ask?

stupid self-restraint and less partying

These days there’s hardly a whole day when there’s nothing to do. I hear people say they’re bored and I’m like, “what? When? When do you have time to be bored?” There’s a whole world of stuff out there. And besides, I’d rather sit quietly and tap-tap-type away, telling you—perfect internet strangers—about my life.

surrounded by young dumb, people you might overhear some foolishness that you can’t just ignore because it’s that outlandish

“I’m just saying I’ve never seen a black person that didn’t like fried chicken.” To which I responded, “I’ve never seen a white person turn down chicken either.” You know, who wasn’t vegan. Of course the guy got all weird and insincerely apologetic after that. Ugh. Some people.

You gotta take the good and the bad, listen to angsty music and keep moving. That’s the plan.


you know what i love? comments from awesome people.

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