Simple Pleasures

Hey there!

I feel like it’s been ages and I’ve missed you terribly. Since Halloween I’ve been thrust into hella busy-ness. That, coupled with the fact that my camera’s been on the fritz, makes for a less bloggy existence. Let’s be real, though, being busy is not an excuse to miss out on the simple pleasures in life. If anything, it’s the exact opposite. So I took a quick walk to one of my favorite places and snapped these on my phone.

Puget Sound

Misty ethereal sunshine shrouded by fluffy clouds, our twirly Big Wheel and the Puget Sound. These devices, especially a large body of water, always calm an Aquarius like myself.

Then, turning to leave I caught sight this:

Pike Place Market


This is the back of the Pike Place Market. The stair case leads up from parking lots to the main level of the market. And then each subsequent layer of buildings is on a different block. When I spied this view today I couldn’t help but be reminded of climbing hill after hill, meeting goal after goal and taking new routes to try new things. There’s been a whole lot of new things around here lately and I’m so excited to share my lessons with you. Some got off without a hitch, others were only successes insomuch as I took away a better understanding of what to do right next time, but as I always say:


Every little bit counts.

What’s been making you smile these days? Tell me all about it, please. Details. Quick!



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