Ballard Bauhaus

Anyone who knows me knows all about my Bauhaus fixation. What can I say, it’s the best coffee! I’m not one of those writers whose opinion might be biased just because they made my Life List goal come true either, people. The egg came before the chicken on that one! And while Starbucks roams all over town over-roasting their beans and buying up the competition, Bauhaus was just perched quietly atop Capitol Hill, just doing it’s thang. Minding its own, badass business. Until, of course, a development company purchased the whole Bauhaus block and kicked ’em to the curb a little over a month ago. Since then I’ve been making do with Peet’s, which is pretty damn good and is purchasable in grocery stores and is about $4 cheaper, so, you know, convenient. But owmahgoodness you should’ve seen my face when I read the Stranger Suggests from November 4th. Anna Minard had this to say:

What happens when you take a beloved Capitol Hill institution and pop it over to Ballard? Does it get ruined by the fish smell? Does it become over-concepted or Scandahoovian? Nope! Turns out it just makes for a nice place to sit your ass down, have a coffee, and read a book. The new Bauhaus is shiny and well-windowed, and its baristas are friendly—don’t let that scare you! It feels just right. It’s both cozy and modern, it’s connected to next-door used bookstore Twice Sold Tales, and it’s a welcome fresh face in a neighborhood whose additions are rarely this classy and beloved.

Let’s go. Right now. Tonight. Not tonight? Okay Sunday. SUNDAY, SUNDAY BE THERE!

And I was there! And as usual, the lattes were utter perfection (my creme formed a lotus flower, Honeybee’s was a clover). Then we wandered into Twice Sold Tales and lost each other since husband headed toward the science fiction and I beelined for the art books. We walked outta there with goodies, too, supporting two local businesses we care deeply about in one fell swoop. Score, double score.

Also it was quite lovely to look at:

Storefront with classic chairs, check

Don’t let the overcast fool you, look inside!

Iconic logo, checkity check

One of my favorite things about the old location was the big wall of books with the sliding ladder. This case isn’t quite so tall, but it is quite fetching.

Lots of Books, check

This is the part of the massive coffee machine you can see when you’re short and anxiously awaiting a latte plus a pound of house blend ground for french press placed in a brown bag instead of the usual silver one:

Gilded Coffee Maker, check

And I couldn’t resist peeking at the bakery case.

Yummy Treats, Check

Yay! Bauhaus is the best! If you live in Seattle, get out from under your rock and get your caffeine. If not, peep their website. Bauhaus will ship you the deliciousness you so deserve.



Full disclosure: this post is not sponsored by the lovely folks at Bauhaus. They don’t even know I’m writing this. They’re busy making delicious coffee/beverages/snacks and I just thought you should know. All opinions are my own. That is all.


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