Hendrix Memorial

My besties and I took a trip out to the magical land of Renton to see the final resting place of a legend. It was a beautiful day in that sorta rainy, but definitely sunny, but also chilly sort of way.

Garrett in the grass

We approached from the North. The grass was so fluffy.

we came from the northbesties in a rowcabbagekeepsake

Jared and Honeybee have visited Jimi years back, before this pagoda was built. We have a framed rubbing from their most recent trip. The new relief is much, much larger. Bethany got a good one in. That’s what she said.

Bethany's rubbing

It took all our patience to get the fancy paper unrolled without the roof dripping on it, held steady and rubbed properly. And though we each felt the tension of the frustrating situation before us, teamwork won the day.

keepsakeJimi KISS IT fly through the sky Nora Hendrix sundial reflecting

Just as we were finishing up our herbal ceremonial practices [cough, purple haze, cough], this band sprung out of a Uhaul van and asked if one of us would take their photo. We offered up Jared being that he was the most experienced photographer, but I couldn’t resist sneaking one of my own.

Aisle of View

Actually I didn’t sneak it. I asked. You can’t really see in this picture [though you can on their site], but they were all wearing fuzzy tails. Adorable. They’re called Aisle of View. Turns out they’ve got a groove there. Nice. They were playing a show at White Rabbit that night, but we all had our respective prior engagements. Bah. Maybe we’ll meet again.

And then back to the car and Seattle proper. Good times! It’s lovely to have friends and make friends and be friends. Friends will be friends they’re roaming naked in the sand. Friends will be friends they’ll someday surely form a band.


Thanks for visiting Jimi with us. He’s been resting in peace all these years and still he’s an experience.




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