Thanksgiving 2013

Holidays can be hard, but difficulties and frustrations are usually tempered by the time spent with friends and family catching up, slowing down and making memories. Remember my first Thanksgiving in Seattle? The day before I’d just found out that Palin passed away, but in those moments of grief, little did I know I’d received the first hug from the man who would be my husband all these years later. And last year we spent the day with the Macks. That was pretty much our last day all together since they moved back home to Minnesota shortly thereafter. I surely miss all those who’ve been and gone, but I know they’re off making the world bright in their own way.

This year we were sort of in a tight spot, though. I pretty much assumed the band would be together and being that Jackie’s pregnant, I didn’t want her to have a turkey burden so I volunteered to host. Made a FB event page and everything, only to find out they’ll be off in Portland. So, we added them to our list of those we’ll miss and kept moving. After all, 16 pounds of turkey is not going to eat itself, folks.


After a thawing time mix-up we ended up cutting the turkey and cooking it in pieces as Jacques and Julia suggested. Luckily ChefJeff was there to handle the ol’ bird. He’s a madman.


As delicious as everything was, and for all my planning I ended up making up a lot of what we ate. Here’s a sweet potato casserole before going in the broiler. Just threw that together. The green bean casserole was another such dish. It’s not part of tradition in my family, but I thought trying something new is important. Made it up. Turned out great!


So here’s to another holiday! I hope yours is the best yet. This year I’m most thankful for the little families both ones that we’re born into and ones we create out of perfect strangers. With particular emphasis on the strange part.

So much love to you and yours,



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